Screamin' Deal on Whey Protein

Screamin’ Deal on Whey Protein Shakes!

I was in Costco the other day, exploring the selection when I stumbled upon a sweet deal on bulk whey protein! Keep in-mind, I NEVER buy my supplements from bulk-bin or big-box places, so this was unusual for me to even walk to the area.  Having said that, some part of me just HAD to […]

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Share MLM Products with Doctors

How to Share Your MLM Products with Doctors

Have you made some of these mistakes yourself? Share this post with someone who could use this information!   Wouldn’t it be great if your favorite doctor (or another health-related practitioner) could see how great your mlm products were? These individuals are in a position to directly impact the health and lives of hundreds if not thousands of […]

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Whey collander

Whey Protein – Good or Bad?

“Whey protein“, is a very hot keyword search these days.  People want to know what it is, does it work, or if it’s “good or bad.” I walked by a computer at the front desk of my clinic the other day and noticed an article about whey protein on a Paleo Diet blog.  I decided I’d […]

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A Magical Plant? – Zija Review

It’s not “Magical,” it’s “Moringa.” Moringa is one of nature’s super-foods, which contains all the essential amino acids, a list of minerals and other beneficial components.  The full name of the plant is Moringa Oleifera, and it is the main ingredient in the Zija line of products.  Here is my review! Full Disclosure: I am […]

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How to Supercharge Your Post-Workout Shake

Hey I just wanted to share something I’ve been doing with my post-workout shakes.  This can also be done with a pre-workout shake as well.  I’m really liking it so far! The advantage here is extra protein and healthy essential fatty acids! My Shake Yesterday: Base: Water Ice Post-Workout Shake Mix 1 banana Supercharge: 1 […]

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Health Wanted

Searching for the Best Supplements from MLM!

Is YOUR nutritional product good enough to be FEATURED? How would you like me to try them and let other people hear about your products? If So, YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! If they are as good as you say they are, I want to sample them and feature an article about them (and […]

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Cherry red summer apple isolated on white

How Fast Can You REALLY Lose Weight?

Sure you can lose a lot of weight… in a short amount of time.. in a lot of different ways. But what if you have more than just a few pounds to lose? How fast can you realistically expect to lose weight? It’s a great question. Assuming that you successfully create a fat-burning state within […]

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How to Avoid the Flu

Every year you see the ads, “Get Your Flu Shot Today!” and “Flu Shots Available at the Service Desk.” But why is it that certain times of the year we are always told to get the flu shot, and is that the only solution? In 1981 a man by the name of R. Edgar Hope-Simpson suggested […]

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happiness advantage

Change Your Body by Changing Your Mind

The grass is always greener on the other side… or so they say. (Whomever “they” may be) Is it always an illusion? Is it purely self-deception? In many cases you imagine the “other side” to be something that is simply not realistic. For example, a person may believe deep down that it’s possible to continue […]

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Reaching goals

6 Steps to Reaching a Goal – And Some Fun on the Guitar

A goal is only a goal if you truly set out determined to achieve it.  Anything less than that is simply a wish or a weak prayer. I’ve set many goals in my life and achieved many of them, but a lot of them took much longer than I would have liked.  In this video […]

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